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Live Event Production

We are a strategic Live Event Production Team. Our secret weapon is creativity. Visionaries, risk-takers, and tech nerds create unique live events.
Events boost company visibility, while Strategy fuels our creativity, not an afterthought.


Memorable, Exciting Live Events

Dream big and bring your event ideas to life with live event production and excellent storytelling. Thirty years of live event production. Chief marketing officers, event planners, communication directors, product managers, and others use AJ Marks. Our unique and participatory storytelling will provide excitement and creativity to your events. So let us tell your story.

Brand Love

We love providing program concepts, content design, AV logistics, and event tech for various events. We get dirty at the start of every project to learn everything we can about your firm so we can share our passion. 


We fully embrace your brand's image.


Here, it's FILO—first in, last out. Every stage and its possible impact on your messaging are discussed from pre-production to post-production.


Virtual Content Platforms

Digital Presentation

Speaker Support


In-Studio Analytics

Engage the Audience, Improve Originality

AJ Marks knows how to engage an audience. Every live event we produce incorporates AJ Marks aspects, including:


Creativity throughout our job, not simply show design.

Investing more in the audience-impacting areas.

Saving time for the group, presenters, and collaborators.


Innovative Set & Costume Design 

Videos and Animation

Experience-based event branding

Graphic Design Promotional video voiceovers



Video, audio, and lighting

LED screen projections

Global live stream

Effectice Digital Displays

Technical aid for public address preparation

Virtual Event

Multi-method event production

Top 5 FAQs for Event Production Logistics in Orlando

1. What Does Live Event Production Include?

Live event production encompasses a wide range of services, including audio and visual setup, stage design, lighting, and technical support. It's the expertise and equipment that turn your event into a memorable experience for your audience.

2. How Can Live Event Production Enhance My Event?

Live event production can elevate your event's impact by ensuring that the sound, visuals, and overall presentation are of the highest quality. This results in a more engaging and immersive experience for your attendees, leaving a lasting impression.

3. What Types of Events Benefit from Live Event Production?

Live event production services are ideal for a variety of events, from concerts and theater productions to corporate conferences, trade shows, and weddings. Any event where audio, visual, or technical elements are crucial can benefit from professional live production.

4. Is Live Event Production Customizable to My Event's Needs?

Absolutely! Live event production services can be tailored to suit your event's unique requirements. Whether you need a full-scale production with elaborate lighting and effects or a simpler setup for a smaller gathering, providers can customize their services to match your vision.

5. How Do I Choose the Right Live Event Production Provider in Orlando?

Selecting the right production partner is vital. Look for a provider with a strong reputation in the Orlando area, a portfolio of successful events, and the technical expertise to handle your event's specific needs. Ask for references and check reviews to ensure they're the right fit for your project.

I've known Austin Jackson for 16 years and have professionally used AJ Mark's Entertainment for my Staffing for a little over two and a half years. Not only is he an avid professional, but he makes sure that each and every staff member that I need has all the qualifications to do other positions that I may need them for just in case. It is a joy to associate with Austin and now even more since he has been handling my staffing needs. I believe that Austin is a man that stands by his word and that alone makes him a person that I recommend others do business with.

- Ercel Abbott, President

Abbott Production Group

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