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Create Impactful In-Person Events From Your Teleseminars

In the teleseminar industry, you can repurpose your calls into in-person presentations such as conferences and workshops. As a result, your community can continue its education and make valuable connections at these in-person gatherings.

The difficulty is that you might lose your shirt if you don't know what you're doing. Even if no one shows up to your event and you lose your shirt, you still have to work it because ten students are waiting to learn from you.

In what ways are these catastrophes avoidable? Start by scheduling a few practices calls with the present teachers. Start with a single call regarding the live event's theme, then build out with other modules.

A live three-day workshop could be an adaptation of your teleseminar series, in which you cover the same material throughout eight separate sessions. There's a $5000 range for the price of that workshop. The eight-part teleseminar could be adapted as a live workshop.

There is no need to create any additional material for the course, as everything is already included. So please don't bother with the original material; people remember what they've seen before. "Repetition is the mother of skill," Tony Robbins says.

There are three potential adaptations for a live workshop:

o Reunion is an in-person seminar developed from an existing teleseminar program.

The Reunion is reasonably high-end and accessible, but those who wanted to attend had to participate in a teleseminar series.

Expos are great places to meet many people for a small investment in admission.

One such book is "Breakthrough to Success" by Chris Howard. 'Millionaire Mind Intensive' is T. Harv Eker's signature work.

Expos often attract a large crowd, keep admission fees below $500, and feature only a few speakers. There are also expos when one speaker is the only guest. The things sold at that single-speaker expo usually vary in the topic being discussed.

o A gathering is a small, exclusive event with fewer than a hundred attendees.

Four times yearly meetings can be held at a cost of up to sixteen thousand dollars. The term "Inner Circle" is used to describe such get-togethers by some. It's been dubbed a Platinum Club by some. Some refer to it as a Winners' Circle.

The fees for such an event are typically spread out over three years, following the "strategic coach model." Then, people progress through each year following a predetermined curriculum, with the result that everyone experiences the same things at the same time.

As the thought leader, you can save time by repurposing existing content in this way. Teleseminars originated the gathering concept, which is central to the strategic coach model and adds a premium touch to your business.

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